Davao Caticlan Boracay Direct Flights – FINALLY!

For the very first time, Davaoeños can now fly direct to Caticlan Boracay. Living on the island for almost ten years now, Davao Caticlan Boracay direct flights – definitely a long time coming. Not to mention summer is just around the corner.

Davao Caticlan Boracay Direct Flights

Davao Caticlan Boracay Direct Flights from AirAsia
AirAsia – first airline to offer Davao – Caticlan Boracay direct flights.

Thanks to AirAsia for being the first airline to offer this route. Albeit, Cebu Pacific did have Kalibo-Davao flights back in 2012, they only offered the route for about a year. With the newly updated Caticlan Boracay airport, Cebu Pacific and other domestic airlines would probably follow suit.

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Now is the best time to book your flights to your summer destination. In light of these new routes, AirAsia is also offering promo airfares and direct flights from Davao to Puerto Princesa Palawan and vice versa ’til 26th February 2017. See promo airfares and flights from AirAsia.

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