GLOBAL CITIZEN – Global Update On Active Citizenship

global-citizen-global-goals-image-392-272Happy 2016 !!! May the spirit of renewal and hope be with us always. Be a GLOBAL CITIZEN and start the brand new year with some positive actions that YOU can be part of. Ideas and inspirations that we hope you include in your new year’s resolutions.

Today, January 01, 2016, is the official start of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (2015-2030). As you may recall last September 2015, world leaders agreed on a plan to end extreme poverty, fight inequality, and tackle climate change.

Our job is to remind world leaders to stick to their promises.

Here are some easy steps you can take today to help spread the Global Goals and make them popular. The more people talking about them, the closer we get to achieving the goals.

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Make the Global Goals your New Year’s Resolution and commit to doing anything you can to make sure our world leaders stick to the plan.

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  •  Suggested Tweet 01: Make the Global Goals your #NewYearsGoals in 2016 & make sure our world leaders stick to their promises!
  • Suggested Tweet 02: Make the Global Goals YOUR New Years Resolution & help us make all the goals a reality! #NewYearsGoals
  • Suggested Tweet 03: I’m making the #GlobalGoals my #NewYearsGoals. Let’s ensure our world leaders keep their promises to the planet.
  • Suggested Instagram/Facebook Post: The Global Goals have the power to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and properly tackle climate change. But they will only happen if we fight for them. Add the Global Goals to your list of New Years Resolutions and let’s make sure our world leaders stick to their promises #NewYearsGoals

Share The Plan

After watching “We Have A Plan” video, share or embed in your own platforms.


  • Suggested Tweet: There is a plan to save our planet! But it will only work if we make our world leaders stick to the #GlobalGoals.
  • Suggested Post: Our world leaders have a plan to end poverty, inequality, and injustice once and for all!  #GlobalGoals

Become a GLOBAL CITIZEN, here’s WHY


It all starts with becoming a GLOBAL CITIZEN. Get informed, take action, and connect with others who want to do the same.

ADD YOUR NAME today, take actions and earn points for a chance to win free tickets to GLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVAL or other amazing musical shows by today’s biggest artists.

Rihanna Joins Global Citizen 2016

LIVE at this year’s Global Citizen Festival in New York: Rihanna performing “Love On The Brain”.

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