Boracay Tourist Arrivals 2016 – Target 1.7 Million Hit

We did it! Boracay tourist arrivals in 2016 registered at 1,725,483.

According to the Philippine Information Agency, the resort island's 2016 growth rate was 10.6%. Compared with 2015 figures, foreign visits increased more than 12% (868,765) while domestic numbers grew more than 8% (813,302).

Philippines Boracay Tourist Arrivals Increased in 2016

Koreans have been dominating the numbers for years, registering the highest in 2015 at 292,174. Followed by China with 177,926, and Taiwan with 57,765. In 2016, our Asian neighbors still dominate and take the top three spots respectively.

2016 Boracay Tourist Arrivals

Top 10 Foreign Countries Who Visited Boracay in 2016:

  1. Korea - 321,016
  2. China - 273,297
  3. Taiwan - 55,736
  4. Malaysia - 26,115
  5. United States - 23,887
  6. Australia - 16,745
  7. United Kingdom - 16,318
  8. Saudi Arabia - 15,681
  9. Russia - 11,593
  10. Singapore - 11,155

Philippines Department Of Tourism in Boracay says the lifting of the Chinese travel ban and improved relationships between the two countries helped achieve the 2016 goal. As a result, Chinese visitors increased by more than 53%. Furthermore, seven(7) cruise ships were received by the island of Boracay last year.

This 2017, Boracay aims to receive 2 million visitors. Last November, we reported about bigger planes landing in Caticlan airport, and this development can help reach this year's 2M target.

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Caticlan Boracay Airport – Now Airbus A320 Ready

Caticlan Boracay Airport now accepts Airbus A320 and other larger planes

The newly upgraded runway of Caticlan Boracay Airport (MPH) received its first taste of heavy loads. The country’s flag carrier Philippine Airlines’ Airbus A320 landed its inaugural flight here November 18, 2016.

In addition, beginning December 16, 2016, Caticlan (Boracay) airport will also be receiving new PAL flights from Cebu and Clark. More Caticlan Boracay flights from other airlines like Cebu Pacific and Air Asia Zest are also underway.

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Fastest Gateway To Boracay

Flying in via Caticlan (Godofredo Ramos) airport is the fastest way to get to Boracay Island. For domestic and international travelers, this could mean more hours for “fun under the sun”.

Furthermore, once it’s fully operational and international & red-eye flights commence, Boracay is expected to more than double the number of visitors to the resort island. Before the renovation, the said airport can only accommodate about 1,200 passengers a day. With its completion by early 2018, it is capable of bringing the number up to 2,800.

Kalibo (KLO) airport, on the other hand, has more cheap flights available but entails a 2-hour bus ride to either Caticlan or Tabon Jetty Ports. Erwin Balane, Department Of Tourism Head Of Route Development also says that there will be no Kalibo airline operations transfer. The new Caticlan flights are meant to increase capacity in bringing in more tourists.

Caticlan Boracay Airport by-boracay-insider

2016 Tourist Arrivals

Philippine Information Agency reports 1,585,821 Boracay tourist arrivals from January to November 2016. Just 114,179 shy of this year’s target of 1.7 million. Tourism officials are confident that they will hit their target, based on 2015 data. Last year, Boracay received 135,847 tourists for the month of December.

Hit or miss, with the new Caticlan airport upgrade, Boracay travelers will definitely end up the beneficiaries. Their comfort and safety should remain top priorities. It is the answer to tourists who are afraid of flying in small planes like turboprops. And for those visitors who want to spend more time on the island, since there will be no need for flights to get diverted to Kalibo.

Indeed, Caticlan Boracay Airport is on it’s way to becoming the fastest gateway to paradise.

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ADVISORY: Please be advised that Caticlan Boracay Airport is currently building the new terminal to accept passengers. Therefore, transfers may not be as smooth as intended for the time being.

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