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Find Boracay travel tips and information FAST to help you plan your DIY (do it yourself) trip to Boracay:

  • First, find cheap Boracay flights and arrival tips in Caticlan or Kalibo airports.
  • Boat and land trip options and travel time from Manila to Batangas to Boracay (Caticlan Jetty Port) via Roro or 2GoTravel.
  • Caticlan to Boracay 2017 Terminal and Environmental fees, plus Boracay boat fares.
  • Great hotel deals from the cheapest rooms to the finest accommodation.
  • Also, best months to visit (climate-wise), Boracay travel map, and more.

World’s Best Island and Asia’s 24/7 Island destination. Enjoy world-class White Beach all day, party all night! Best of both worlds!

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Last Update: Apr 24, 2017 @ 2:00 pm

Fast Facts

Boracay TRAVEL 101 - learn more about travel to Boracay below, Caticlan or Kalibo arrival tips, boat options, fees, & more.

Boracay Hotels

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Flying in (or out?)

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WHERE in the world

Boracay Travel Map by Boracay Insider
View Boracay Travel Map by Boracay Insider (Google Maps)

Located in Central Philippines, right at the heart of it all. Boracay Island is under the municipality of Malay in the province of Aklan and part of the “heart-shaped” Panay Island.

It is approximately 315 kilometers (196 miles) from the capital Manila and around 280 km (175 mi) from Cebu – two major cities that serve as airline hubs to and from Boracay.

*As of November 2016, more cheap flights will be added soon from Clark to Caticlan and Kalibo airports.

Find Flights (Domestic Airlines)

The following airlines serve both Caticlan and/or Kalibo airports.

Air Asia Zest - Kalibo flights only.
Cebu Pacific - Caticlan and Kalibo flights.
Philippine Airlines - serving Caticlan* and Kalibo.
Skyjet - Caticlan only.

*Radio Boracay TRAVEL blog:

As of today, November 18, 2016, Caticlan (Boracay) airport now accepts larger planes due to its upgraded runway. Philippine Airlines' Airbus A320 now flies from Manila to Caticlan. And starting Dec. 16, 2016, daily flights to Caticlan from Cebu and Clark.

ADVISORY: Due to the added new flights, Caticlan (Boracay) airport is building a new terminal to accommodate passengers. Hence, transfers might not be as smooth as intended.

Boracay Travel TIP – 01:

Quickly see availability and compare rates from airlines serving Boracay, ALL in one page.

See Boracay Flights.

Arrival In Caticlan and Kalibo

(Terminal, Environmental, and Boat Fees)

From Caticlan (Boracay) Airport : (Code: MPH)

  • Take a tricycle going to Caticlan Jetty Port (P50).
  • Travel Time: 10 mins.
  • Once there, pay the TERMINAL Fee (P100/person; 5 yrs old & below = FREE), ENVIRONMENTAL Fee (P75/person; 12 yrs old & below = FREE), and BOAT Fare (P25/person 6am to 5:45pm; P30/pax 5:45pm onwards); 7 yrs old & up = FULL, 6 below = HALF fare.
  • Proceed to baggage inspection, fill up the Visitor’s Form, board your boat.
  • Caticlan to Boracay Island Travel Time: 10-15 mins.
  • Cagban Jetty Port is your point of entry.

*Since the months of June until October is "Habagat" or Southwest Monsoon season, guests may have to utilize Tabon Jetty Port which is about 20 minutes from Caticlan Boracay airport. Tricycle Fare: P80 good for 2-3 persons. As a result, your point of entry will be Tambisaan Jetty Port where you can hire a tricycle or multicab for P100-P150 going to your hotel.

For better perspective, see Boracay Map Philippines by Boracay Insider.

From Kalibo Airport : (Code: KLO)

  • Air-conditioned vans are available outside the airport (P250/person including boat fare only) going to Caticlan or Tabon Jetty Port (depending on which port is used when you arrive).
  • Kalibo to Caticlan or Tabon Port Travel Time: Approximately two(2) hours.
  • Once at Caticlan or Tabon Jetty Port, pay the TERMINAL Fee (P100/person), and ENVIRONMENTAL Fee (P75/person).
  • Proceed to baggage inspection, fill up the Visitor’s Form, proceed to boarding area.

*Air-conditioned shuttle buses are also available from transport companies Island Star Express (approximately P500-P600 per person per way) or Southwest Tours. We highly recommend advance booking your transfers with either of the two mentioned companies. Or you can arrange it with your chosen hotel for a worry-free, assisted travel from airport to your resort.

Airlines serving Kalibo and Caticlan Boracay airports are now selling transfers on board flights. After getting your luggage, you will be assisted by the airline’s partner transfers company to board your bus going to Boracay and all the way to your resort.

Boracay By Boat


One of the most popular alternatives to visit Boracay is by sea via 2GO Travel – one of the country’s largest land/sea travel providers. 1-WAY Fare from Batangas to Caticlan(Boracay) as of January 2017 starts at P 623.21 (exclusive of taxes and fees).

2GOTravel Batangas To Boracay (Caticlan) 2017 Fare
Click To Enlarge

  • From Manila, take a 2-hour bus ride to Batangas Port.
  • Once there, take the 2GO vessel en route to Caticlan(Boracay) Jetty Port.
  • As of January 2017, two(2) Batangas to Caticlan departures are available: 10am and 9pm(check both Batangas codes BTS and BTG as origin or destination).
  • Boracay(Caticlan) Jetty Port departures: 8am and 9pm. View 2GO schedules.
  • 2GO Travel Time: Approximately 10 hours.


RORO - Roll On, Roll Off

Another option would be the “Roll On – Roll Off” or RORO – a combination of land and sea travel. Philtranco 1-WAY fare from Manila to Caticlan (Boracay) as of July 2014: P 1,367.00 (it might be wise to check airline promo fares).

As of this 2017 update, Philtranco now accepts online reservations. For origin, choose Pasay under Metro Manila; destination Caticlan under Aklan province. Fare starts at P473.55 (without Ferry boat fares which range from P375-460/person/route).

  • From Manila, take a 2-hour bus ride or drive yourself to Batangas Port.
  • Once there, board the RORO to Calapan, Mindoro(approximately 3 hours).
  • Upon reaching Calapan, proceed South to Roxas Port, Mindoro(approximately 3 hours) or Bulalacao(4 hours).
  • From Roxas Port, ride the RORO to Caticlan(Boracay) Jetty Port(ex: Montenegro Lines - approximately 5 hours; P460/person) or from Bulalacao Port(ex: FastCat - approximately 3 hours; P375/person).
  • RORO (Montenegro Lines) daily departures from Caticlan to Roxas Mindoro: 4am/10am/4pm/8pm/12MN.
  • Caticlan to Bulalacao (FastCat): 3am/10am/3pm/10pm*.
  • Total Travel Time: Approximately 15 hours.

*If you're driving yourself to Boracay, here's an idea of how much the vehicle freight charges are with FastCat:

  • Batangas to Calapan: P1,536.00
  • Bulalacao to Caticlan (Boracay): P3,380.00

Caticlan-Bulalacao route via RORO
Check out FastCat ferry schedules, rates, routes, etc.

Manila to Boracay (Caticlan) via RORO
See directions from Manila to Batangas to Boracay (Caticlan) via RORO

Boracay Tricycle Transportation Guide

Tricycles and e-Trikes are the main transportation vehicles used on Boracay. If you're planning a Boracay-DIY(do-it-yourself) transfers from CAGBAN Jetty Port to your resort, check out all your options with corresponding rates provided below. Please choose the area of your destination (hotel/resort).

See the latest transport rates on Boracay Tricycle Transportation Guide by Boracay Insider
Click to see the latest Boracay Island transport rates.

Other Tricycle / e-Trike rates:
  • Minimum Fare: P10 per person (Regular)
  • Chartered or "Special" on flat road(Balabag): P60(5pax)
  • Hourly Rate: P300 (Island tour for 4 pax)


Let's find you the cheapest room, shall we?

Boracay Travel Tip - 02: "LOOK before you BOOK"

Boracay travel need not be expensive! Choose from a wide selection of best-priced, budget hotels in Boracay. Aggregated so you can easily view details, compare rates, and book securely.

  1. Just indicate your intended travel dates, then click search.
  2. Add your filter either by pricing, guest or star rating.
  3. See all-in rates by choosing "including taxes" filter.

POWERED BY: 3-time 4-time winner of "World's Leading Hotel Comparison Website" 2013, 2014, 2015, and now 2016 by World Travel Awards.

Best Times To Visit

Boracay Travel Tip – 03 :

  • Best time to visit Boracay is during the Cool/Shoulder/Dry/High Season from November to February.
  • White Beach is mostly flat and pristine coming from the Cleaning/Wet/Low Season “Habagat” (Southwest Monsoon) which happens between June and October.
  • Summer Season begins in March and ends in May. Mostly Filipinos flock to the island for their summer vacation with friends and family. Record highs in recent years during Labor Day weekend (first week of May) for "LaBoracay".

Boracay Travel Climate Chart by Wikipedia
Boracay Travel Climate Chart by Wikipedia

Money Matters: Philippine Currency

Boracay Travel Tip 04:

Have money changed upon arrival at any Philippine Airport for better exchange rates*. Last resort would be one of the five(5) local banks in Boracay but expect lower rates.

*As of this update, December 2016, new local money changers are now spread all over the island with competitive exchange rates.

Check today's conversion rates at


Quick Info

Philippines Quick Information
(Image Credit: Raphael Harfaux of EIP-UK)

If you have any questions about Boracay travel not found here, please leave us a comment below.

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10 thoughts on “Boracay Travel”

  1. Hello. Going back from boracay to caticlan airport to manila, do we need to pay terminal and environmental fee again?

    1. Hello Kay,

      Yes, you need to pay the terminal fee upon entry and exit (P100/person/way). The environmental fee is a one-time payment upon entry. We hope you enjoyed your stay.

  2. Hi, we’re bringing along our medium sized dog (crossed breed Pomeranian). Are there hotels in Bora that allow pet dogs? Thanks!

    1. Hello Luz,

      Caticlan Jetty Port operates 24 hours due to its night navigation/RORO trips to/from Batangas, Mindoro, Romblon, etc. Caticlan to Cagban(Boracay) on the other hand has irregular schedule due to limited boats w/night navigation license. I would suggest you book your transfers ahead of time with either Island Star or Southwest. Or you can check out the website of the latest provider Boracay Express, it says “24-hour” service. – Happy travels!

    1. Hello Paul,

      Thanks for your email. Please find Boracay fees below:

      Environmental = P75/person (12 yrs old & below = FREE)
      Terminal = P100/person (5 yrs old & below = FREE)
      Boat = P25/person (day); P30/person (5:45pm onwards); 8 yrs old & up = FULL; 7 yrs old & below = HALF fare.

      Enjoy your family vacation 🙂

  3. From cagban jetty port to hotel or d mall.. how is the transportation? And how much does it usually cost? Thanks!

    1. Hello Ysay,

      You can take a tricycle or e-trike from Cagban (South) to dmall (Central) or Station 1 (North) for P120, Multicab is P250, while aircon van is P500. If there are more than 5 of you, I suggest you take the multicab or van for more space for your luggage and more comfort.

      If you’re staying beyond Station 1, rates would go up by P50/destination. Yapak is the northernmost area of Boracay (Shangri-la, Alta Vista, Puka Beach, etc.) and maximum rates are P150-200 for e-trike or tricycle, P450-multicab, P700-van. Hope this helps and enjoy your summer vacation! 🙂

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