Boracay Radio Philippines

Boracay Radio Philippines: FM-106-1 and RB106

Radio Boracay FM-106-1

Boracay radio streaming at these times:

Mon-Fri: 6am-6pm

Sat/Sun: 6am-9pm

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RB106 - Test Stream (Beta)


Boracay's Best Mix of cool, refreshing music

of yesterday and today!


Boracay Radio Channels

FM 106.1

On-air since 2006, FM 106.1 Radio Boracay is one of the pioneering entertainment channels on the island.

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And in 2010, to compliment the FM brand, Radio Boracay launched its "on-line" counterpart RB106 Boracay's Best Mix.

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Portfolio: Radio Boracay Projects

Check out some of Radio Boracay community projects and find out how YOU can be part of the next. From European Voluntary Service to international radio projects.