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White Beach, Boracay Island Philippines, a very special place we call "home".

One of the world's finest white sand beaches and home to Radio Boracay FM-106-1 and RB106 of One Media Boracay Inc.

Radio Boracay TRAVEL helps you save time and money by finding you cheap hotel rooms or the finest resort accommodation.

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See TOP 10 Beachfront Hotels (White Beach Boracay Island Philippines)

Radio Boracay FM 106.1 & RB106

Serving Boracay's best music mix since 2006. See #PT20chart, listen LIVE, or learn more.

Top 10 Boracay Beachfront Hotels

Top 10 Boracay Hotels (Beachfront)

You can't go wrong with this list. Top choices of White Beach finest hotels and resorts.

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Boracay Long Weekend Guide:

2017 Philippine Holidays

Plan ahead, avoid the rush, and get the best deal!

These are the best times this year to visit the island of Boracay and maximize your stay. Choose from 3, 4, even 5-day long weekend holiday stays. Prepare for Summer, LaBoracay, Halloween 2017, Christmas, and New Year 2018. Oh, and if you must, apply for 1-day leave (Oct. 30 & Dec. 01 only) to enjoy a fantastic long-weekend in Boracay. Trust me, you don't need that extra baggage of "guilt" being here in paradise (and no explaining needed).

APRIL - 13-Thu / 14-Fri / 15-Sat / 16-Sun (Holy Week)

MAY -  (Apr) 29-Sat / (Apr) 30-Sun / (May) 01-Mon (LaBoracay / Labor Day Weekend)

JUNE - 10-Sat / 11-Sun / 12-Mon (Independence Day)

AUGUST - 19-Sat / 20-Sun / 21-Sun (Ninoy Aquino Day)

AUGUST - 26-Sat / 27-Sun / 28-Mon (National Heroes' Day)

OCTOBER - 28-Sat / 29-Sun / 30-Mon / 31-Tue (additional Special Non-Working holiday / (Nov) 01-Wed (All Saints' Day) (apply for leave on 30-Oct-Mon and spend 5-day extended weekend and join us for Halloween 2017)

NOVEMBER - 30-Thu (Bonifacio Day) / (Dec) 01-Fri / (Dec) 02-Sat / (Dec) 03-Sun (apply for leave on 01-Dec Fri for a 4-day long weekend stay)

DECEMBER - 23-Sat / 24-Sun / 25-Mon (Christmas Day)

DECEMBER - 30-Sat (Rizal Day) / 31-Sun / (Jan) 01-Mon (New Year 2018)

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Boracay Island Philippines - home to the world's finest sand.

World's Softest White Sand

Don't take our word for it. Search for Top 10 finest white sand beaches and you'll find us there.


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Boracay Sunset Photo by Boracay Insider

Spectacular Sunset Scene

One of the most photographed events on Boracay. Everyday is different, breathtaking no less.